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A company's brand id is its personality. 


A brand identity is made up of what the brand says, what its values are, how it communicates the product, and how people feel when they interact with it.

It's the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer.

The corporate identity of an organization includes all the visual elements related to it.

These elements include the logo, the font and the color palette of the brand, applications of which are presented in the design of the business card, the packaging of the products, the stationery and the accessories of the company.

Also, the design elements of the website, as well as all the pages in the social media of the company are further applications of the corporate image.

All these applications photograph the aesthetic point of view of the company which is the one that will differentiate it from the competition and will imprint it in the mind of the recipient.


Is the visual representation of your services or products. Its design must be detailed and very careful, so that it expresses to the maximum the character of your business.




A font is the set of typographic characters that represent an alphabet. Their main feature is the harmony and uniformity between them. Choosing the right font for a text of a site or its logo, is a very important decision, as it expresses the style of the business and its quality.

Choosing the right color palette helps the user to form an instant impression of a site or corporate identity of a company, in the minimum of time. The first impression is always the most important one, and choosing the right color palette is crutial.





The business card is the smallest, printed form of a business representation. Its design is entirely related to the application of the logo, the font and the color palette, and its design and general detailed editing is a very important process.

Designing an original package is undoubtedly the best way to promote a product, but also the business itself. Its detailed and beautiful design aims to appeal to the consumer, in order to make him quick decision to purchase the product.

The stationery merchandise of a company is a very effective way to promote its products or services. The design of stationery with the logo of the company featured, helps the brand to get imprinted in the  memory of the recipient and therefore to increase sales.


Reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost.

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